What is AutoBackup? AutoBackup is an automatic, safe and fast computer backup solution. It protects you against the painful and expensive possibility of data loss from your company’s computers and systems.

It has the following key features:
  • Works completely automatically
  • Uses minimal system resources: you continue working normally during the daily backup process
  • Saves your important information to our remote secure servers once a day, at the time you define, or on demand
  • Uses a dedicated connection over your standard Internet provider’s service: no additional communications charges from your provider.
  • Compatible with all ADSL, ISDN, WLL, Cable Modems (TV Cable), Fiber Optic and similar broadband connections. Even works over modem connections.
  • Provides military grade encryption of all your files and information: only you have the key
  • Allows the user to define which files are to be protected, unimportant information need not be sent to the remote storage servers such as MP3 or personal files
  • When saving your important files, three independent remote storage devices assure that the information is recoverable no matter what
  • Why Would I Need AutoBackup? Every day, one in ten users suffer some form of data loss. Losses are produced in many ways: user error, viruses, theft, failure of hardware. It is calculated that the average data loss costs US$2000 dollars of lost time and productivity. Other data losses could cost you your business: what happens when you loose your annual balance? Your customer contact list? Your contract drafts?…

    What Does AutoBackup Cost? - All these features cost far less than a troublesome, time consuming, local backup system, like tape storage. Plans start from 1.5 UF per month.

    What is Involved? - A small software application is installed in the client’s computers or centralized server. From that moment on the service is completely automatic.

    What Happens if I Loose my Work? - In the event of data loss from whatever cause, AutoBackup's trained experts will arrive at your premises with an encripted copy of your lost work. The remotely saved information is then re-installed on your computers or systems. Its as if the loss had never occurred.

    OUR Concept of SERVICE ORIENTED Business - Autobackup is based on a high level of expert customer service: differentiating our offering from anything else in the marketplace today. Our trained engineers study on a case-by-case basis each client, and provide tailored solution packages. From then on, everything works so transparently and automatically, that you will only need to call us for data loss emergencies. At this point, our technicians will personally assure the recuperation of your lost work within 1 working day, arriving at your premises with the backed up information from our secure servers, and re-installing it to your satisfaction.

    Peace of Mind - Relax with the knowledge that AutoBackup will prevent you and your company from loss of data.